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Newly Saved Playlist Loses Complete Path


Perhaps I'm not seeing the option in WinAMP or finding it when doing a search here, but could someone please let me know if it is possible to have WinAMP not remove the complete path from a playlist after the playlist has been moved and re-saved to the same physical drive as the tracks contained inside?

Background: I have a huge playlist that WinAMP created on the C: drive. For whatever reason I moved it to a different drive which contained most of the tracks and added more.

Later when I moved it back to the C: drive, almost nothing worked. As it turned out, when the new tracks were add and saved, the complete path to most of the tracks inside the playlist were truncated.

At that rate, the closer you are to the source tracks, the worse off you'll be should you decide to move the playlist elsewhere and then re-save it.

I've since repaired the playlist, but it took an awful lot of time. Shouldn't the complete path be saved by default no matter where the playlist is stored?
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There is no such option. Winamp will always use the least number of folders possible to make playlists as portable as they can be. If you want full paths to be saved then don't save the playlist on the same path as any files.

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Hi J_Darnley,

I understand what you're saying about always saving playlists generated from WinAMP on a different drive so full paths are created. It's an awful shame that there is no real preference option to save complete paths in a playlist by default. That would make the term 'portable' have actual meaning.

The way it is now, they are only 'portable' in one direction and that is towards the source files. Once there, WinAMP makes the playlist useless if used anywhere else. If space is the issue, the meta data that is associated with each entry should be removed, that takes up far more space than the complete paths.

Ah well, thanks for the reply.
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