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Play music faster ?

I have noticed sometimes when i listen to music on the radio stations the songs are faster and that makes it pretty cool. So I'm wondering how do you make song play faster under the new winamp ?

Do i need a plug-in ? If so, i couldn't find any yet...

ps: Ive try it to play to faster on windows media player n it sounds bad, i guess i need to increase tempo instead of speed or what is the trick to make sound good still?
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Prefs > Plugins > DSP/Effect > Nullsoft Signal Processing

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I think pitch is the word you're looking for here.

Speed and Tempo are the same thing.
Pitch and Frequency are the same thing.

The DSP plugin referred to by pjn is a very simple effect that just plays the samples that make up the track at a faster/slower rate. It's fine for very small changes but runs into problems at higher values.

An unfortunate side effect of increasing/decreasing the tempo in this way is that it also increases/decreases the pitch. If you double the tempo you also double the pitch of the notes(everything sounds an octave higher than the original), the well known chipmunk effect.

You will need something a bit more sophisticated to correct this problem.

Take a look at this post :


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You can avoid the unfortunate chipmunk side effect by using the pitch shifting preset in combination with the tempo preset.

First, select the DSP Plug-in: Nullsoft Signal Processing Studio DSP and Load the "cockos - pitch down" preset. This preset should be combined with "justin - simple pitch and tempo (half-2x) control" preset. However, you can not load two presets at the same, so you'll need to copy the code from one preset to the other and save it as a new combined preset. To do this, load "justin - simple pitch and tempo (half-2x) control", open a notepad and copy the code from the Initialization/format change: box, the Slider change/initialization box: and the Per sample: box.

Then re-load "cockos - pitch down" preset and add all the code you copied previously into the same boxes. You'll need to change the references of slider1 to slider3 so you can control of tempo on a dedicated slider. See screenshot below:

This solution seems to be the most bug-free of all the options for speeding up audio for podcasts and audiobooks. It works well with music too.
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procrustes, does it better, sounds better, and offers quicker ui control.

NONE of that other crap

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