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Auto update playlist folder?

Is it possible for Winamp to auto update a playlist's file directory? Like if I moved the location of my music files to another folder, can Winamp auto update a playlist to point to that new folder--instead of having me manually update each file on the playlist?
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The easiest way would be to create a new .m3u playlist in the folder with just a period/fullstop as the one-and-only entry.

When double-clicked (or rt-click > play/enqueue in winamp), all files in that folder will be added to Winamp's Playlist Editor.

Or, if you would prefer to have all your playlists in one 'Playlists' folder
then the one-and-only line in the .m3u should be the path to the folder, eg.

If the old broken playlist is made up of files from loads of different folders, then the only way I know of fixing it is to load the playlist file into any Text Editor (Notepad++ recommended) and use the Find+Replace feature.

There's also probably a plugin out there which attempts to do his automatically.
I remember trying one a while back, but it didn't seem to work...
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Thanks a ton! I was wondering if it was possible to have an automated update of a playlist of my folders (as they're sorted after genres, 'incoming' etc.), and this solved my problem

The trick with putting only(!) the folder path in a txt file and save as a m3u works like a charm so far. Excellent!

Now i will find out if this works with my ipod in some way or other...
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well i dont want to add all files from the folder--only certain ones. why not add an auto update feature?
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I am trying to use Winamp to sync my new iPod with my music folders...
I'm not sure if it is possible to use Winamp to create folders inside my ipod to be sync with mirror folders in my hard disk
May be I can do this through playlists, making a playlist corresponding to each folder in my C drive, then manually reload the list (I don't want this to happen auto everytime I connect my iPod) and then sync the new playlists with my iPod...
Can I use Winamp for this? Do you know other programs that can do this? Probably managing the iPod like a flash drive would be easier...
Thanks a lot in advance
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