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Technical Question on Winamp's Library Playing Missing Files

GUYS! First, let me say I did try searching for this but cannot find the answer to my question.

Second, let me commend you on keeping such a great product alive. I used to be an avid WinAmp user before the Apple iTunes Store opened, and now, after having dealt with their horribly-slow code, am back to the greatest.

I noticed this as I was importing my library from iTunes. There were a lot of duplicate entries that had been externally modified (deleted - which, of course, the brilliant engineers at Apple still haven't figured out what "folder monitoring" means, but that's a different topic). ANYWAY, what I found is that WinAmp still imported the library entries for files that no longer existed, which is expected. What wasn't expected, however, is that those library entries still play when I click on them! I've checked the paths, filenames, etc. and some files simply do NOT exist where WinAmp THINKS they do, and it plays them anyways! Not to say I'm not overjoyed by this behavior, but can you please explain HOW this works so I can properly import and organize all my music and playlists and get the most out of WinAmp in the future?

I've already figured out that I can highlight missing entries, and they do highlight, but that doesn't explain how they still play. Does WinAmp realize the file is missing and make a best guess as to an identical file in another folder? If so, how does it make this determination? Is there any way to get WinAmp to permanently point to the existing duplicate so it's not a "missing file" anymore? That would be so helpful in restoring my playlists that have suffered broken links from the "delete duplicate files" function in iTunes. Thanks!

Final, related but not as important question: is there a way to enable drag-and-drop functionality out of the WinAmp library? Kind of like how I can click an entry in the iTunes library and drag it to the desktop and it will copy it there.

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Guys, any help please? Just need to know how WinAmp knows which duplicate file to play even if the original does not exist in the proper location. Thanks!
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My guess is that Winamp is "falling back" on a duplicate entry with the correct location. Anyways, if you click on the 'Library' button in the ML, there is a 'Remove missing files from Media Library...' option.

You can drag & drop with in the ML and to the Playlist but not externally from the ML.

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