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Short Stories thread....

If your story doesnt fit into the desired space...just segment it...or attach a .txt file. Please do not steal other's work without consent. Thank you!

Vagrant Story by Lee
July 30 2003

Morning turns to day, day turns into night,
Cobbled streets lit up by the moonlight,
Everyone sleeps, but the chosen one is awake,
For he has that one decision to make,
The forges of Hell burns in his conscience,
A barrier that surrounds him like a fence.
Tearing him apart at the seams,
Veins bulging at times with blood as it teems,
With either life or self-frustation,
Maybe he can't do this indignation,
Either way, he must carry out the plan,
Cause the prophecies told him he can.

Walking out his 3rd floor abode that he resided in,
Taking with him, the tools of the trade, his sins,
Victim was at the building 5 blocks west,
The city was bustling with whores like a croon's nest.
Shielding his face away from the impurities,
As he swiftly walked through the Red Light of cities.

Arriving at his desired location,
Whispering an incantation,
Ex Animo
Black smoke surrounded his face like stone,
Invisibility spells making him feel more alone,
Bypassing the security guards at the inn,
Tiptoeing past gamblers playing poker or gin,
Creaking up the stairs sensing her presence near,
Done this many times before, he once sensed fear
Within himself for this is no ordinary woman,
But a goddess of life, a pure soul to take away again.
You see it is I not He, possessd by Lilith herself,
Failure to comply results in death.....
Vagrant Story Part II by Lee
July 30 2003

The black smoke encircling my body disappeared,
Leaving me in the open of her confined chambers,
Clothes laid on the dresser neatly pressed,
And my vain eyes saw her soft skinned beauty
Sleeping around a veil of the finest silk in bedchamber,
It pains me to remember my duties to abominate such beauty,
Is it me to willingly suffer again for taking her purity and me living?
That decision still burns like fire as it courses through my veins.
I cannot sacrifice this virgin here, I would be caught and be hanged,
But I may call the Goddess of Dark, to take me far away with her
To a more subtle place in Britain, that's all I asked.

Her eyes opened to the look of my scarred face,
But like all virgins sacrificed, she wasn't afraid,
She asked me if it was gonna be painful
Or will I send her straight to hell for her sins,
But as jobs were I couldn't say a thing,
Just finish the ritual and move on was all I could do.
I bounded her hands to the stakes on the ground
Marking the Pentagram with her body and a lot of candles,
Night was falling again, drawing away the cloak from my body,
Nothing inside me existed except the cold heartedness that I have committed,
Funny how ironic it is, a simple decision that burns, yet a cold murder to commit.
She asked me why am I paired with Lilith in the first place...
Looking in her eyes, laid a happiness unfound in all virgins
"Something I did in the past, making the deal with Lucifer"
She told I can change the past, make it all better,
I tried that before and got a hot poker up the ass
So that pretty much makes me doomed for failure either way,
Just vagrantly wandering the countryside doing tasks for the devil to stay alive,
But now as I think of it and after talking with her for an hour, who cares if I die now,
I don't want to be a part of Heaven, nor Hell, but a wanderer from place to place
Until Earth dies and I go with it.

Untying the ropes that held her down, telling her that she is free to go,
And that's when things got real ugly, of all the demonesses out there,
Lilith had to show up....

"And they send a man to do a woman's job HAH!", spitted Lilith, "I'll take care of her"
She begin casting the portal to Hell for Cathrine, I muttered a counterspell "Dimmu Borgir"
Her spell failed and she ended up going back to her place, but if you harm one of your own
You face consequences...

Sputtering black blood from my mouth as Cathrine rushed toward me,
"I won't make it now, I'm finishing my legacy, please go before the authorities arrive".
Grabbing my hidden dagger, I pierced my cold-laden heart and staggered over the cliff.

All in all, I'm not dead, nor am I alive, but just a vagrant wanderer with nothing to lose,
No more vain eyes or vanity soul within, I live forever doing good for the people,
And hope my travels make my writing better!

The End

Like Poetry and art? Visit my DeviantArt Site: www.lilithlairpoetry.deviantart.com
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Good story!
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Here's my submition for a short story...


Part One

It's always dark around here. The light of decency and basic human morals never seep through the deeper levels of this city. Nothing around here decent human beings would want anything to do with; Sex, debauchery, gambling, sloth, greed. Everything that would make a Priest cringe in disgust. Everything...and I like it. For this is where I thrive.

I step out of the dark doorway from my dank one-room apartment;if you can call this hellhole an apartment. My dark, sweeping trenchcoat and thin, dark raybans hide a figure ravaged by time. My steel-tip boots echoe through the alleys and dead-ends, startling rats and various other street vermin. I pull a vanilla envelope from my inner pocket and stare at the wax seal. Two scythes below the crucifix, the symbol of my kind; Death. I break the seal for my next assignment. Out onto the alley ground falls a picture and a brief bio on my next--victim.

He looks like a cross between the Cript Keeper and Jesse James; feeble,frail, yet beneath that thin exterior lies the heart of a thief and a murderer. His name--James Crandolf. Sins--Murder, extortion...nothing out of the ordinary. Apparently he's locked up in the State Penn., which shouldn't be any problem to get into, seeing as I am Death, and hence, cannot die. As I stuff the information back into the envelope, I enter the city's streets and hale a cab....

To be continued.....

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Part Two

The cab smelled of drink induced vomit and stale deordorizer. I didn't mind though, I've been in these enough times I've gotten used to it. I stopped over at the local watering hole, The Eight Ball. The run-down hole was a cesspool for thugs and just plain assholes---my kind of folks.

I stepped into the place and headed for the bar. I got the normal eying I'm used to-I obviously don't fit in around here. I just come here for kicks, to mess with the locals. Call me cruel, but I just love roughing up mortals every now and then. It makes me feel alive-well, not really, but you know what I'm trying to say.

I got to the bar and took a seat. "Whiskey, no ice." I said, roughly.
The tender sent me a glass of the brown liquid, and before I could take my first sip, I was greeted with a shoulder grab from some pompous biker filth. "Your sittin' in my seat." I turn half way to see a fat, lethargic mass of human waste staring at me through drunken eyes. "My mistake." I get up slowly, but I rush him, and shove one of my favorite weapons into his gullet. "You feel that tubby? That's a Desert Eagle A.E. Ten inch, fully loaded and ready to splatter your rotten innards all over this dump, if you don't walk away, RIGHT now." "WOAH, WOAH! My mistake! I was sitting over there, I'm sorry, l-l-let me buy you a drink, what will you have?"
I slowly withdraw my gun from his stomach, and a wry little smile stretches on my face."Whiskey."
To be continued...
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Good job, Lee and Dragon, excellent work.
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Hey guys, Well I have some storys except they aint really short and aint really good either. But meh There on my webstie if you wanna look-

My Website
Deviantartness Yay
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Excellent stories DS and Jedi!!

Like Poetry and art? Visit my DeviantArt Site: www.lilithlairpoetry.deviantart.com
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Part Three

As I take my seat with the biker's drink offer in my hand, I notice that I'm being watched by a rather thick man in the corner of the bar. I can sense that he has been drinking rather heavily over the last few hours, so he can really post no threat to me. Hell, no one can post a true threat to me. All of a sudden, the man hobbles out of his chair and walks over to me.

"I don't like you." He says to me, in a slurred manner. I cooly sip my whiskey and say, "I'm sorry to hear that." "No, you don't understand, I REALLY don't like you!" With that, he pulls a Buck Knife from his belt and takes a stab at me. However, I'm way too quick for the poor bastard; I dodge the stab, and break his arm. "You FUCKER!" The moron charges me again, having feeling no pain due to the alcohol he'd consumed earlier. I queitly sigh to myself, and pull out one of my guns and take a shot at his chest. "BLAM! BLAM!" Two shots point blank into him. One shot would've done just fine, but I was in a giving mood tonight. The drunk is blown backwards and lands on his face, a pool of blood growing bigger by the second. I stand up and look at the crowd, "You saw nothing." and with a wave of my hand, I erase their memory and walk out of the bar.

As I walk to the street, I remeber what brought me out here in the first place. It's starting to rain now, so instead of taking a cab, I think I'll walk....I love the rain. There's something about it that makes me feel...free. To be able to move without boundaries in the pouring rain is the best feeling I've had in a long time.....

To be continued.....

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