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EQ problem

Hello, I recently reinstalled Winamp and reformatted my HD...I'm not exactly sure how I was doing it before, but right now I'm having terrible EQ problems. I use a Soundblaster X-Fi card, no other programs other than Winamp. My speakers are "Altec Lansing VS4121 - 3 Piece Speaker System 2.1".

Anyway, I listen to anything from death metal, to pop...the main problem I'm having is I cannot seperate the bass drum from the bass guitar. I like to hear the loud and double bass pumping in metal, or any music for that matter, but if I turn up or down the 70hz range it seems to change both the bass guitar and the bass drum. Even in a medium setting the bass will punch some, but the bass guitar gets so loud it muffles/distorts the whole sound.

Is there anyway to fix this? Maybe another EQ plugin that is a little more specific?

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Look it up

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Refer to the Winamp Equalizer Q&A Guide and adjust the settings to get the sound the way you like.

btw... did this ever work out for you because you never replied back there...

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Thanks, and actually, deleting that file worked, then the next time I opened it, it was big again, but shortly after that my hard drive went burnt toast (50 gigs of music gone :O), I had to get a new one and reinstalled winamp, no problems yet.

edit: that guide didnt show me much other than bass guitar EQ is normally 50-80hz, and the bass/kick drum is 80-100hz...The sliders in the default EQ go from 70hz then 180hz, which explains while moving the 70 hz one changes both sounds...Is there anyway I can get a more precise EQ plugin? Or should I download some other program to run in my comp's backround?
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You can switch to the ISO frequencies which are much more sane:

The default Winamp EQ bands are set up for historical reasons (to match old Winamp versions) but aren't as intelligently laid out.

You could try changing between the two EQ styles. the 4Front EQ has "wide" bands at smaller adjustments and "narrow" bands at larger adjustments. The Constant-Q setting has "narrow" bands at smaller adjustments and "wide" bands at larger adjustments.

Second, if the goal is to hear the bass guitar easily (e.g. if you are trying to learn the bass part), turn the 1st band (31.5Hz) all the way down, leave the second (63Hz) alone, and turn the third band (125Hz) up all the way. The music won't sound good but it will separate the two of them. Use the opposite settings if you are trying to just hear the kick drum.

The kick drum and the bass guitar overlap quite significantly and it can be difficult to separate the two of them if the track has been mixed poorly or mastered badly (most rock albums made in the past 5 years are mastered very poorly as a by-product of increasing the loudness). In the production phase, bass guitar can be sonically separated from the kick drum by applying fairly mid-high frequency EQ during mixing. Unfortunately you don't have the luxury of doing that to the final mixed CD.
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that helped a lot, thanks
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