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Situation for New Zealand miners takes a turn for the worse yet

Progress in the New Zealand Mine has been slower than hoped for. The Pike River Mine has been found to contain hazardous methane gas, which makes a rescue harder to pull off. It's not known if the New Zealand miners are even alive, and a rescue operation could be too dangerous to undertake.

Article Soure: Situation for New Zealand miners takes a turn for the worse

Gas in New Zealand Mine regarded as hazardous

The conditions inside the New Zealand mine will determine whether a rescue of the 29 trapped miners will take place or not. The blast occurred on Friday, Nov. 12, and air samples taken three days later revealed dangerously high and fluctuating amounts of methane, according to The Telegraph. Coal mining often produces methane. This can cause Mine explosions to occur. A bomb disposal robot will be sent down to the Mine. This will allow the scenario to be assessed better. However, the battery operated robot will only work in fresh air, and a methane rich atmosphere within the Mine would prevent it from working.

Mine in Chile not working also

Officials in New Zealand have been communicating with officials from the Chilean Mine disaster, from which 33 men miraculously walked away. However, the key difference is that the Chilean Mine was a copper and gold Mine, and the Pike River coal Mine outside Greymouth is a coal Mine. Coal mining can release hazardous gases from the earth because of the composition of coal ores, especially dangerous explosive gases for instance methane. Preparing for death is something the New Zealand officials are doing as they're “planning for all outcomes” that could come from this. USA Today accounts this.

Have not been able to talk

There hasn’t been any communications with the New Zealand miners. This will hopefully change soon. A phone line to the Mine has rung continuously since the Mine explosion, however has gone unanswered. New Zealand is known for being safe when it comes to mining. Throughout the whole world, there have been fewer accidents than there were anywhere else.


The Telegraph


USA Today
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These miners have been considered dead for more than a week.

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after the chilean miners experience, i think we all hoped and still hope these miners are alive. that they can be rescued. i have good friends in new zealand. add your prayers to the country's.
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