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Winamp play order mess

I rip all of my CD's to WAV format using the following naming convention:
<Artist>\<Album>\<Artist> - <Album> - ## - <Title>.

eg:G:\Music - Wave Format\Triumph\Thunder Seven\Triumph - Thunder Seven - 10 - Little Boy Blues [Instrumental].wav

ML will sort EXCLUSIVELY by track title and ignore the track order, even though an actual file name sort would be correct. Generating a playlist will correctly sort the album tracks but is very time consuming and cumbersome. M3u playlists are being generated during ripping, but ML doesn't seem to actually use this information.

Since I always use a copy of my CD when I listen in my car (I've had CD's stolen before), I consistently end up with out of order tracks. I was hoping the latest update would fix this "feature", but the problem persists.
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Winamp play order mess

I use the following format when ripping wav files from a cd:

<Artist>\<Album>\<Artist> - <Album> - ## - <Title>

to ensure that even if the album tracks are sorted alphabetically, the play order will be correct. This does not work in Winamp! The tracks are corectly sorted by track number during the ripping process, but when cueing the tracks for playback, they are sorted, not by actual filename or track number, but by track name obtained during the database lookup. Also, there are no track numbers listed in the library view. My playlists are NEVER in the correct order with Winamp. Even creating playlists during ripping doesn't fix the problem.

How can I correct this problem?
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mac version not correctly ordering songs

I feel your pain. I installed winamp for mac and the software fails to arrange the tracks by track number. All my songs in iTunes have track numbers, so winamp fails to recognize the metadata for the tracks and seems to order the tracks alphabetically or by date added. Everything but track number. I know the mac version is beta, but this is enough for me to uninstall winamp from my phone and computers.
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JimBland's issue is due to wav files not properly supporting tagging and that how they are named does not match up with how Winamp's library will attempt to guess the information from the filename.

as for where the files are being loaded into the playlist from, if it's from Explorer then that will and can provide the files in what is viewed as out of order. if from the library then it is usually in the order which is shown, which if things are not tagged in the manner expected then that would explain that.

it _should_ be possible to manually add the missing information to the library details which would resolve that handling issue, but as wav files do not allow for tagging to the level required, it's a hack.

the proper fix would be to use a lossless format like FLAC which allows for the correct tagging, though i'm going to assume that you're using wav files for a specific reason and so using another format is not a viable option.

finally, i've merged both of your threads together and would have been better to bump the original thread as you'd not had a reply (which is never guaranteed to come anyway).

frank44: if you are having issues with the Mac beta (which from what you're saying isn't the same as this thread is about), there are details on where and what to send about issues in the sticky thread for the Mac app (as no one on this forum who helps out is actually using the Mac app to my knowledge).

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Is this just with .wav files ?
These were never originally designed for media player use and tagging support is very limited(they were designed more for copyright tracking in professional environments).

Try ripping to .flac format, equally as good as .wav, but with full tagging support.

By using .wav Winamp is forced to guess at some point and this may be unreliable in your folder structure.

You can also try turning off guessing Prefs > Media Library > Local Media > Metadata reading settings > Config ...

[edit] Hi daz, I seem to be following you around today

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