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plugin uninstall

what is the best way to uninstall a plugin. i have madlyrics installed and whenever i play a song it comes up with a "can't find" window. im using leoslyrics, so i'd like to get of madlyrics if possible.

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Uninstalling Plug-ins

"Auto" Method

Some plug-ins have their own uninstall icon or file.
Location of the uninstall icon/file will vary...
  • Most plug-ins place their own uninstall icon in the "Add/Remove Programs" of the Control Panel.
  • Some may place a uninstall icon the Winamp folder of the Start button. Chances are there may be a subfolder with the plug-ins options and/or a uninstall icon.
  • Others may "hide" the uninstall file/icon in the Winamp\Plugins\Plugin Name folder.
Winamp should not be running while using the auto method.

Uninstall Button Method

As of Winamp 5 there are Uninstall buttons in the Plug-ins section of Preferences.
Winamp > Ctrl+P > Plug-ins > click on the respective plug-in type > click on the plug-in name > click the uninstall button.

General Purpose plug-ins. Prior to uninstalling, click on the plug-in name then click on the Configure button. Disable or "turn off" the plug-in if there is an option to do so.

Visualization Plug-ins. Make sure the plug-in is idle or disabled by clicking the Stop button.

Manual Method

Preferably to be used by intermediate or advanced users. While Winamp is not running, delete the respective (corresponding) plug-in file in the Winamp/Plugins folder. Example: ***_PlugInName.dll where *** represents the two or three letter "code" for the plug-in type. Some plug-ins may have a sub-folder with additional files. The Uninstall button in the Winamp plug-ins options only uninstalls the plug-in .dll file. With the manual method you can remove any additional folder/files installed by the plug-in.

Plug-in "Code" Guide
in_PluginName.dll = Input Plug-ins
out_PluginName.dll = Output plug-ins
vis_PluginName.dll = Visualization plug-ins
dsp_PluginName.dll = DSP/Effects plug-ins
gen_PluginName.dll = General Purpose plug-ins
ml_PluginName.dll = Media Library plug-ins
For a list of default components/plug-ins see DJ Egg's Winamp 5.x Component List

Miscellaneous Files found in Winamp's folder and subfolders
The following is a small example list of the more common files associated with Winamp plug-ins/components. The files are not only installed by third party sources, but many are also installed as part of the default plug-ins that comes with Winamp. This is provided as a FYI. Individual manual uninstall of the files should preferably be done by advanced or higher intermediate users.
Portable Media Player support files

These are encoder/encoding files to convert one file format to another, such as CD ripping.

A slightly defunct preferences/options file for third party plug-ins. More commonly used by older plug-ins.

Advanced Visualization Studio preset files. AVS is a default visualization plug-in. Winamp. Preset Packs are stored in individual folder in the AVS folder. There are a number for default preset files. Default AVS preset packs/folders - 'newpicks' (pre WA5), 'Wainamp 5 Picks', and 'Community Picks'.
APEs (Advanced Plug-in Effect) are support files for the AVS. Very much like plug-ins for the Advanced Visualization Studio.
Global Variable Manager file. Another AVS related support file.

MilkDrop preset files. MilkDrop is a default Winamp visualization plug-in and comes with a number of default presets.

Nullsoft Signal Processing Studio DSP preset files. NSPS DSP is a default DSP/Effects plug-in. There are a number of default NSPS DSP preset files. Default NSPS DSP presets - filenames starts with 'cockos' and 'justin'

Language Pack file

Individual Equalizer preset files.

Classic (AKA Winamp 2) skin file
Modern (AKA Winamp3 or freefrom) skin file

Please do not PM me for tech support. Any request for tech support through PM will be ignored.
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thank you
didn't know about the uninstall in preferences
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