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Projecting Visualizations & Karaoke Graphics

I use a laptop. I plug a second monitor into the VGA "out". I extend my desktop and "drag" my karaoke lyrics screen onto the second monitor. All music is played through WinAmp. Here's my question:

How can I plug a digital projector into my laptop and display "visualizations" onto the dance floor or interior wall. ... without losing the capability to display lyrics for karaoke. FYI....I do have the option of using a regular TV instead of a second computer monitor and using the S-Video out directly to the TV. This will free-up the VGA output, but, I am sure I have only one video card in my laptop. So, if I extend my desktop using the S-video out option for the karaoke lyrics, will the projector work at the same time in the VGA out jack?

How can I Display Karaoke Lyrics and Show Visualizations at the same time?

Thanks for Any Replies!
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use the visualisation in windowed mode
and arrange the karaoke program so that the lyrics appear underneath the visualisation window

Also you can try using milkdrop and desktop mode
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