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@Winamp - Shout Out


This is similar to another post by someone else, though I wanted a Separate thread as to not hijack that one; and I wanted to share my thoughts.

I have been using Winamp for at last recollection since, it came out; this was an accident. I was looking really for an mp3 decoder for a buddy's first person shooter game (that never materialized).

I stumbled on a red and black website; for a program called "Winamp"; that was fully functional and only asked me to pay if I liked it. I did; and I was a cheap underpaid developer so I didn't pay for it, though I contributed in my way.

In using Winamp I discovered it's skinning engine...and my love affair began. Since 1997/98 (cannot remember which date I started exactly...) I have designed and contributed to thousands of skins many of which are still found in archives, libraries and users desktops. I never have and never will subscribe to myself as a designer; I've always used Winamp because, it was superior. Nothing, allowed the amount of flexibility as Winamp and arguably nothing does at present.

In all my years, I'd still use Winamp religiously if I could connect up my cloud provided music service. That being said, I still install Winamp religiously (both latest and an old 2.95 version).

I love it...will always love it. The developer's, skinners, codes, scripters, moderators and general users of it that I have had the privilege of dealing with are among the most memorable of my time. I have nothing but, fondness and a sense that the years of contribution by everyone involved has been epic and can never be fully appreciated.

@Dr0 - Amazing Brother.
@Winamp-Dev's - Amazing amount of work; support and assistance.
@MrJones - You and I are oil and water; but, damnit brother you are damned respected.
@AllSkinners - I miss speaking with all of you...and miss having collaborators.
@Plugin Devs - Wow; you guys kicked up a lot of kickass stuff through the years.

A Special Note to my Collaborators' through the years
@Peacemaker, @TheOnlyLynx, @MiseryInMotion (DDR), @Ampburner, @Cyana, @Forevever, @MikeDB, @RajIO, @CleanUp,@Stillwater, @Atmo, @jasonl, @jellby, @nini,@Wildrose-Wally, @Dimichan, @Luigihan,@simon snowflake, @veroka, @victhor and hundreds more....

You all contributed to my own ability, understanding and indeed made me so much more personally and in how I am today. I can never appreciate all of you enough for your part to play in my time with you.

Love and Peace

1001skins.net |
That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.
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PS Did you know your download links are broken for Winamp downloads?
Just thought I would let you know.

Cheers, Pete

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You mean you need for something have a leading edge,what is it?
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My favorite PC audio players back in the day were
Musicmatch jukebox
I used all of them. They were all different.
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