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DJEgg -- had sudden stream skipping problem fixed by your pre2.81 patches post

DJ Egg ... I did a search, found a bunch of old stuff from 2000 & 2001 on skipping / constant rebuffering but didn't see anything from 2002 ...

Then saw a post from a user unable to play MP3's at all and in it was your post for the pre 2.81 patches.

I was on vacation... installed (and please don't start the Creative Labs bashing again) a creative labs external serial modem... had to uninstall and reinstall win 2k networking to get network connection sharing to work...

Now that I'm back in the office with my system.. and have reverted to my normal ways.. Winamp was constantly rebuffering ... luckily fast enough that it didn't skip all that often.. but if I sat and watched the standard bar visualization... I could see why I was getting the skips occasionally.. and that was it lost sync or something about every second or two and usually rebuffered quickly enough to not have the skip..

when I set the buffer higher it did no good except to actually worsen the choppiness/skipping because it would take longer to buffer 1 meg than 256k ..

As my subject line states.. I saw a post you made to someone else with the pre 2.81 files (ogg, in / out, etc fixes)

and tried it.. it fixed my problem..

I'm concerned as to why it suddenly showed up.... or was I one of the few that you may have known having an odd issue like that.. and the patches are the permanent fix at this time (ie a known bug that's been resolved).. ??

System Stats:
AMD Athlon 800
512 megs ram
Win 2k (all patches)
Norton Anti-Virus
Zone Alarm Pro
(standard chat clients)
Generic NIC x 2 (one Realtek one Linksys)
60 gig WD & 20 gig WD hard drives
Creative SB Live (value version)
Jaton (generic) TNT2 32 meg video

And again... aside from uninstalling & reinstalling networking (to get Internet Connection Sharing working), adding the creative external modem and then removing it (when I got back to office) .. and the difference in network connecitons (56k for a week & now back to LAN) there's been no changes otherwise..

1) any ideas as to what caused the skipping to start when I got back

2) is this a known issue fixed by the patch and hence the 2.81 winamp when availalbe... or is there additional information needed to trouble shoot something new?

Thanks !!!


PS. and no, gen_xx.dll didn't get installed with the Creative modem :P
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DJ Egg
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Glad to hear the patch fixed things.
They're Peter's patch & plugins, not mine. I just link to it.
The new waveOut & DirectSound output plugins are hard-coded with better skip-protection defaults and include workarounds/fixes for known issues with certain systems/soundcards (ahem, incl. Creative WDM Drivers), though the problem is usually caused by either some other hardware stealing PCI Bus bandwidth from the soundcard, or by borked drivers.

I'm assuming the rebuffering problem was occuring with MP3 streams (m3u/pls), or was it with other formats, eg. OGG streams?
It's better to increase the prebuffer & buffer underrun sliders in the MP3 & OGG Input plugin configs, rather than increasing the Full File Buffer value too much or making the buffer size in the output plugin too large.
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Old 3rd August 2002, 22:49   #3
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answer - stream

Sorry.. I don't have any OGG streams yet.. just MP3.

and it only occured on mp3 streams .. if I played mp3's from my hard drive even continous mixes.. gapless played fine.

One of the MP3 streams is two hops from my machine (I relay for StreamingSoundtracks.com) and I test listened to it with XMMS under Linux without a problem.. just my Windows 2k machine.

I was just shocked that it happened (in my time) all of a sudden. In reality it had been a week since I last listened to a stream, although I had listened to a couple of albums from hard disk while in 56k modem hell. Also in that time, while nothing that technically should have effected streaming.. I did have to uninstall and reinstall windows networking to get the Internet Connection Sharing of win2k to work... and more surprising was that reinstalling Winamp didn't fix it.. the update did..

In either case.. all is right in the universe... streams are now normally playing....

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