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yeah in about 15 minutes
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Originally posted by spin26
i dont know where to post this ml_playlist bug {not sure though} but i was using this beta version so here it is...

i think this buug is dedicated to ml_playlists.dll

create 2 quite huge playlist of 16000+ titles, and add them to youre ML playlists
open task manager goto processes tab and look for winamp.exe's mem.usage include VMsize if you want,

then open ML on the playlists tree > select hugeplaylist1 then select hugeplaylist2

by this time winamp is using about 63000kb memory, then select hugeplaylist1 then select hugeplaylist2 , alternately view this 2 a couple more times any you will be out of resources in no time....

i discovered this memleak when trying to reproduce this bug:
if i have a playlist of 2000+ titles on ml_playlist then select all(ctrl+a) then drag to another playlists on the tree gives me a winamp crash... cant reproduce it properly .. on the first couple of times it will crash then winamp will restart then it will not crash anymore.. end winamp.exe on the process tab then run WA again then try to copy via drag the plylist again and it will crash again...
We reproduced the first bug (mem leak) but alas it was too late to get the fix into 5.3, so it'll have to wait for 5.31 now, heh.

I couldn't repro any crash when drag+dropping items from one playlist to a playlist title in left pane, but the more titles you drag the longer it takes for the metadata/tracklengths to be read, so you might notice a ui freeze - in which case you just have to wait a bit longer for the metadata/lengths to be read, and then the ui will unfreeze. I guess this issue will probably also need looking into.


Anyway, with 5.3 release, that's the end for this thread.

A big thanks to you all
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heh, 503 crashes when i'm tried to configure Album List 2.05 plugin
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Winamp 5.3 has been released (see sticky thread at top).
The 5.25beta is no longer supported.

Locking this thread now.
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Closed Thread
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