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IPod Shuffle Equalizer plugin

i was quite happy to find out winamp supports ipods as i found itunes to be rather awful.

still i got one problem with the ipod which is the total lack of bass, even with better earphones. to overcome this problem i use audioretoucher atm, which works, but is kind of tiring to use.

you can open an mp3 with it adjust the bass/treble and save a copy of it with its bass boosted. the problem is that you got to open and process each song manualy, which is quite a pain with hundreds of songs.

is there a plugin for winamp which allows me to adjust an equalizer and then copy the playlist mp3s to the ipod while at the same time processing the mp3s to apply the equalizer settings? basicaly the same as audio retoucher does, but automated?

or is there another app besides audio retoucher which can process stacks of mp3s instead of having to handle each file manualy?

and as another question, is there a way to copy all songs in a playlist to a different location then the ipod? to a direcory or something?
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there is no plugin that can do it?

i found an app called goldwave which can handle batches, but its still pain. i got to transfer the playlist files to the ipod, copy them from there to a folder on the comp, let goldwave apply the bass boost and treble reduce, and upload the files back to the ipod.

if anyone could tell me how to faciliate this procedure it would be great. if at least i could avoid the step to copy the files from winamp to the ipod and back to the comp in order to process them it would be already an improvement.
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