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Disappearing act

First let me apologize now if my topic(s) appear elsewhere in the forum. I have spent hours addressing this issue, and at the moment don't have the patience to run through the forum to check for prior posts.

With that said, my problems are two fold. First, Winamp is set as my default media player. I also have Windows Media Player (ver.11), QuickTime and RealPlayer enabled, and I'm using Microsoft XP operating system. When I'm downloading music (from various sources, but always to the same c/drive file), I see the winamp icon next to the name of the song. I highlight all the songs I want to hear, and send a copy to the Winamp bookmark list. Once I'm at the bookmark list, I see the title(s) of the song(s) and the song length (i.e., 3:21 or however long the song actually is). Immediately after sending the music to bookmark, the songs will play.

Time passes - a few hours, a day, a week - whatever, when I come back to Winamp to listen to the bookmarked songs, the title is still there but the length of the song reads (0:00). To hear the song(s), I have to return to the source of the download & re-send the song(s) back to Winamp player. Now, for the record, the format doesn't seem to be the problem (flac, mp3, mp4). I want to know why do my songs "disappear"? Why, when I download lets say an entire CD, will some songs vanish, while others from the same CD remain?

My second issue is a failure to understand Winamp Remote. I have used it before; played a couple of videos, and even downloaded a song or two from Winamp to my cheap-assed GPX-mp3 player (doNOT buy this product ). I don't download to my cell or palm devices (like Blackberry et al) but I get the feeling that Winamp Remote has been reconfigured somehow. In a nutshell, it's not the same.
What is the purpose of Winamp Remote? PLEASE HELP!!!
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I can only advise you on the first issue. After bookmarking, consider adding those files to the Media Library. You may also consider adding files to the Playlist and save it as a ML playlist or a M3U playlist.

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Disappearing act

Thank you for taking the time to reply; I haven't tried it yet, but I'm grateful for your response. Thanks, again!
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