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Winamp 5 newsletter spam/phishing?


Let me get to the point: I don't think I ever entered my email address for the Winamp newsletter because I haven't received any until now.

However, I received a newsletter today claiming to be from Winamp and looking very genuinely, might I add, with the exception of the links and the address from which the mail was sent. The links are to email.winamp.com/, followed by some seemingly random generated code (I'm thinking this is to validate what email got the hit, so the spammers know the address exists or something), but each link contains the same code with only 2 characters modified (the last one and the one before the one before the last one; I'm thinking this is to avoid spam filters), with the only exception being the last link (the one to "unsubscribe" me, which also adds my email address in the link).

Below is the text from the newsletter, with the links removed (call me paranoid, but I think it's better to be safe):

Welcome to the first installment of the official Winamp Newsletter. We just released Winamp 5.56 and our plan is to have regular editions of the newsletter go out after each major product release and when we have other important news to share. What you'll find in our inaugural edition:

* Five Free MP3s
* What's new in Winamp 5.56?
* Featured Blog Posts
* Stay in Touch
* Why am I Getting this Newsletter?

Five Free MP3s

What's more important than your music? Free Music! We wanted to thank you for being a dedicated Winamp user and thought you might like some free stuff. Click on the links below to download your free music.

Genre: R&B/Soul
'Love Comes and Goes' by Lee Fields and the Expressions - Download

Genre: Indie/Reggae Fusion
'Dancehall' by Sean Bones - Download

Genre: Folk/Rock
'Two' by the Antlers - Download

Genre: Techno
'Just a Spoonful' by Voodeux - Download

Genre: Indie Electronic
'15 to 20' by the Phenomenal Handiclap Band - Download

Want more free MP3 downloads? Then checkout Spinner MP3 of the Day, Click here for Step-by-Step instructions on downloading MP3s.

What's new in Winamp 5.56?

The Nullsoft developers have been working overtime to deliver some killer new features that are now available in the latest version of the Winamp Media Player. Download Winamp 5.56 Now.

* New Winamp Orgler lets you track, chart & share your listening history
* New Charts feature highlighting top artists, songs & My Charts
* Improved iPod Sync Support
* 16 Language Packs available including Turkish, Romanian, & Brazilian Portuguese
* All the great features that make Winamp the Ultimate Media Player!

Now Available in Winamp 5.56 is the Winamp OrglerTM. This plug-in, which comes packaged with the 5.56 player, powers the Winamp Charts experience. When you enable the Orgler to send your listening history to Winamp, we can now highlight & feature the eclectic musical tastes of the Winamp community. The charts are available in both your Winamp media player & on Winamp.com, allowing you to view the Top Songs and Top Artists being listened to by other Winamp users. You can even view your own listening history! Simply filter by My Charts to see what you've spent your time listening to today, this week or this month.

Each time you listen to a song through Winamp, while the Orgler is enabled, the plug-in sends the basic metadata associated with that file (such as song name and artist name) to Winamp. Currently the Orgler only tracks songs played from your media library (internet radio isn't tracked yet). It's important to remember that you are not Orgling by default, so if you want to contribute to the Winamp Charts make sure you're signed-in. We're planning other features that work with the Orgler so follow us on Twitter or read the Winamp Blog for the latest.

These are only a few highlights from the Winamp 5.56 release. For a complete list of all features and fixes, check out our Release Notes.

Featured Blog Posts

Winamp Charts and Orgler Tutorial
Contribute to the Winamp Charts experience & start Orgling today. The Winamp Orgler: Track it, Chart it & Share it!
How to manage your iPod using Winamp
Now you can easily import your library and playlists from iTunes and start using Winamp to sync to your iPod.
How to Highlight Missing Files in Winamp
If you have a large music collection, chances are some of your files may be missing. Learn how to identify missing files.
Moviefone "Top HD Trailers" Online Service
The developers over at Moviefone just created a pretty slick Online Service for watching "Top HD Trailers" from right inside Winamp. Learn how to add this and other great Winamp Online Services.
Fresh New Online Services Beta Program
We're proud to announce the Beta launch of our new Online Services Developer Program. This new program allows developers to build great web experiences that can be access by +80MM monthly Winamp users.
Winamp Technical Support
Have a technical problem and don't know what to do? If you've ever experienced a problem with Winamp and Winamp Pro and didn't know what resources were available, this post is for you!
View All Tutorials
Learn more about Winamp by checking out the Tutorial section of our blog.

Stay in Touch!

Stay informed about everything Winamp by reading our blog, visiting our forums, or checking out one of our social networking sites.

* Follow Winamp on Twitter
* Winamp Blog
* Winamp Forums: Main Page
* Winamp Developer Network
* MySpace - Official Winamp Page
* Facebook - Official Winamp Profile
* Facebook - Winamp Group (Official)
* Facebook - Winamp Group (Fan)
* Buy Winamp Gear on Zazzle

Why am I Getting this Newsletter?

You are receiving this letter because the last time you installed Winamp, you provided us with your e-mail address. If you would like to be removed from this Newsletter, please click here.
So, what I want to know is if this email is a spam/phishing attempt? If I look at the links and the return address (winampteam-[random characters]@email.winamp.com), I'm certainly suspicious that it is, however, to my surprise, gmail didn't catch it as spam (there's always a first time, I guess).

If any administrators would like the actual links or the email, I'll be glad to send it to him.
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one way to tell is to look at any links in the email
if they are true links (they actually go to the place they are intended to)the email may be legit
if they point to a reroute site then it is most likely a phish email
one way to tell if the link is legit is to point at it and look at the status bar of your browser
if that isn't available right click the link, copy shortcut(or similar), paste either in your browsers address bar(but dont hit enter or go), or to paste in notepad
if the link says winamps main page or the other links main site the email will be legit unless the mods say it isnt

thanks rob
(c)rob 2013 (picture & SN)

(please note) As users we can't give others help unless we get full details of the problem that you are having
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