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iPad/iPhone Sync Solution??? Suggestion???

If this is the wrong forum please let me know. Also... I know that I don't have the code skills to implement this but I'd love to see it done.

I've been getting very frustrated with iTunes with the addition of Android devices to our mobile syncing pool. Unfortunatly everything I can find says that the iPad and iPhone are not supported by Winamp and I had a thought...

Would it be possible to write a WinAmp plugin that would use the iTunes COM object to make iTunes itself a "device" to sync to?

In my perfect world I would be able to set up multiple devices... this plugin would have to be smart about not adding multiple copies of files even though there are multiple devices syncing to it. For example, lets suppose I own an iPad and an iPhone. I would be able to select playlists to sync to each "device" in Winamp. I could do all the normal stuff like setting up Transcoding, etc. When I synced the device it would copy/delete the files into the iTunes "filesystem" and use the COM object to add/remove the files from the iTunes database. Each device in Winamp would create a Playlist folder in iTunes and each Winamp playlist synched to a device would create a Playlist in that folder in iTunes.

The only downsides I can think of to this approach is that it would take extra disk space for two copies of anything (one in Winamp and one in iTunes), it would probably need extra magic in the Winamp setup to set the space of the device (this "device" is really an 8GB iPod, this "device" is a 16gb iPad, etc). I could also see weird interactions if someone then tried to import from iTunes back into Winamp "again".

Just some thoughts... Again this is all driven from my Android devices "hating" iTunes and Winamp not supporting my better half's iOS devices.

Thanks for your time.

Matt Neimeyer
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