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mr average
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Only a percentage burn [weird]


Hope you can help...

This is what occurs. I setup what tracks I want to burn to CD [Wavs]. I then start to burn them. For some reason winamp gets to a certain percentage and stops, telling me that it is done. The last CD I tried it got to 84% burn and then stopped. Of the ten tracks I askd it to burn, 7 play on my stereo and then the others will not play. It is like the CD player cannot see them. Totally flummoxed here. Can you help?

For reference the total track time of the tracks i want to burn is definitely less than the CD length.

Thank you kindly.

In Peace, Mr Averae
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same problem here

I've been having the same problem since I upgraded to v.5.08 pro. I've tried burning at 40X, 32X, and even 8X to see if that's a factor, but each time I get the "Done!" notification when only a portion of the CD is burned. I've tried this with many different sets of audio files, and I get the same result most of the time. I'll TRY to link to the image of the burning dialog box below so that you can see what both "mr average" and I are talking about.

It's very frustrating to buy a piece of software just to find that it doesn't successfully perform the only operation you purchased it for. Furthermore, each time this occurs, it leaves my drive spinning endlessly, preventing me from exiting winamp, ejecting the CD, or even shutting down the computer. I usually have to hardware reset after each of these failures.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer some advice/help here.
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@ mr average & TRA74

If anyone is to help, we need some info. What are your system specs? What (other) burn options/settings have you tried. Are you burning mixed file formats?

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Stewart Baker
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I get the same problem burning MP3's.
Sometimes only 5% before saying it's done and ejecting the CD.

Very frustrating. V5.08.
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system spec's


Thanks for the reply. The machine is a Dell Precision 340 Pentium4 running at 2GHz with 524MB RAM running Win2k SP4. I didn't spec/buy the machine (company provided PC) but the drive shows up as an "HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8400B". I understand it to be a 40X drive. The media I'm burning to is Memorex's 700MB/80min Music CD-R. There's no indication of max burn speed on the CD-R's, but if I remember the packaging correctly it was labeled for 32X.

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@Stewart Baker: if that's so then please follow the request in the post above yours

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Stewart Baker
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He we go...

Processor Semperon 2400
512M RAM
Tried LG & Memorex CD burners
TDK 800MB 40x CDR plus a couple of other types.
Tried different burn speeds.
Only trying to burn MP3's

Now have lots of bird scarers spare if anyone wants one.

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