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I had winamp on win98 and it sounded great. I upgraded to win 2000 pro and the sound are popping and distorted. It's not a total loss but it sound bad.
System :
Celeron 400
196MB of RAM
C-Media PCI sound card.
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I'm having a similar problem. I have been running WinAmp on Windows 95 with no problems. I just got a new system with Windows NT 4.0, service pack 6. I transferred my MP3s to the new drive but when I play them they sound like they are in a canyon (echo) and in general the sound quality is bad but only for MP3s. I used the uncook utility but it only made them sound worse. I'm still searching for an answer.
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Mr. Ice
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try using the wave out instead of directsound. then try upping the priotity of the mpeg decoder and wave output plugins. then try upping the wave buffer in the wave output plugin. one or all of those should eliminate your problem.
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I finally found the solution to my NT problem. Open the Volume controls for the system (the ones that appear in the tray), click on the Advanced button. In the lower portion of the window entitled Other Controls, make sure the 1 Spatial Enable box is deselected (no checkmark) and press Close. This immediately solved my problem. It may also work for Windows 2000.

BTW, I am running the WaveOut output. NT does not support the DirectSound output for some reason. The NT Service Pack 6 supposedly contains DirectX 7.0 but it will not support this feature in Winamp. I also installed DirectX 5.0 on my system in the hopes I could use the DirectSound output. Unfortunately, the system wouldn't recognize it.

Thanks for your suggestions about correcting this problem. I had already done everything you suggested without correcting this particular problem. I appreciate the feedback.
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