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New Version 5.6 and Cue Player Plugin!

Hi to all!

It seems that the new Winamp Version dont support the old Cue Player Plugin.
But this is for audiophile People essential.

There are the 2 Files gen_cue.dll and in_cue.dll missing in Winamp.

Is there any possibility to play Cue Files.

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unless the plug-in is updated to work with newer Winamp clients then you'd have to try one of the alternatives (if you can get them to work). the cue player plug-in has been reported as being broken on / off by different people for a while now and from what i understand it needed updating for earlier client versions due to how it works (assumes certain things inside of the plug-in which can and do change between releases).

if not you'd have to hope someone will make a new one that will work or hope it eventually gets implemented as a native plug-in - i had offered to do it myself a few months if enough people (based on the number of people who've posted / wanted a working plug-in) provided a few pounds each to fund the development but no one wanted to so the offer was removed (sadly).

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Give Cue a Chance

Tried several cue player versions but looks like it's just not possible to use cuesheets in 5.6. I find it shocking, but look - nobody seems to care, judging by lack of comment.

I have one customized system that totally depends on .cue for playback, so I'll be staying with v.5.56 on that one - reason being: 5.56 is the last version that doesn't have the graphical anomalies with the Preferences window when it overlaps the main window, and doesn't close nicely. 5.59 and 5.6 fixed that, but now no cue is possible.
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DJ Egg
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I care about native .cue support.
It's at the very top of my personal wishlist.
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the cue player plug-in uses some interesting hacks based on the underlying nature of some of the Winamp plug-ins and people have been saying it hasn't worked many times even before 5.5 was released and seems to be the luck of the draw if it will work for people or not.

some of us do care but expecting a fully working and integrated solution isn't something that can be simply done and does involve time but when i made my offer to produce something people never commented and so due to other commitments i cannot provide a month to implement something which would be ideal and cope with everyone's needs. may it will be implemented natively but as it's been on the wishlist for a number of years and has kept slipping we can only hope that its time will come...

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Well, this level of moral support is very encouraging, DJEgg and DrO. Now there's hope. It will be worth waiting (not overly long...) for cue playing if it turns out to be robust and tolerant of all sorts of input plugins in Winamp. I have experimented with a great variety of players, but I am still happiest overall with Winamp. Go cue!
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Hi folks.

I can see that this thread was not active for a long time, but I've been trying to find solution for .cue plugin and it didn't work out very well. Also I've been trying to find several player for using the cue-sheet lists but no one were good as this winamp plugin!!!

So... my question is there is any chance to configure this plugin for the latest version of winamp5.6!?

Thanks for considering my opinion...
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