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Restore "missing files" in old playlists

Hello! Well I.m not at all sure if this one will be possible...

He is the scenario, I have made hundreds of playlist files of mainly compilation audio cd's (80 mins worth of tracks) in the past years. I have been through different hard drives, computers... And obviously the links in the saved playlists to the MP3 files do not exsit anymore.

Most of my file I have still and would love a way for winamp to search ML and "restore" the playlist missing files and/or supply a list of alternatives to pick from.

Maybe a bit like what auto tagger does? Or is that completely different?

If it could search through ML looking at MP3 files' sizes, key words in ID3 tags, keywords in filenames and track lengths etc etc gather top "matches" and let you pick??

Regards how this whole Wishlist works, if this request is feasible, do we just wait and cross our fingers. I know that there are obviously third parties making plugins all the time for Winamp, would they noisey through these fourms and pick these up or is it Winamps' actual programmers who do these in updates? Reason I ask is if there are third parties interested I will be willing to make a donation to a working plugin that does the above. Otherwise I have already bought Winamp Pro if that counts for anything (And I would not use anything else but winamp (And have not in the last 6-8 years) and VLC for PC media playback). Winamp is the best audio player out there... It's true.

Thanks for reading
Thanks in advance for any replies
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Oh well, call me a newbie or noob but i only just figered out that the Wishlist forum has alot of threads... Thought there were only the ones on the default display... And thus have now seen this topic in a few diferent threads... No solutions or plugins though!!!! :/

Well if anyone of the bosses can let me know if this is EVER possible? I'd be willing to put 50 pounds on this plugin (One that works well with the searching finding the correct match at least 90% of the time), me been the first. I'm sure there are others will to pay/donate to this cause...

If I were to do this whole update on my playlists manual it would take me like 48hrs to do... (sigh)
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