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Media Library bugs


1.) If I permanently delete (right click) a track from Media Library the scroll bar
jump to top of the track list. This is annoying!

2.) Winamp 5.572 Bento theme.
Non visible the now playing track in the Media Library. Why???
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3.) Not working properly the "Watch Folders" option. If I cut a watching folder, then paste
another watching place, next Rescan Watch Folders does not appear at new location in Media Library, perhaps if I restart the Winamp.
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Nothing but bugs and heartbreak

Thats nothin'. When I rescan my folders, 90% of the time it gets about 75% thru and locks up Winamp. I've tried mapping to subfolders, excluding certain folders, you name it. And its getting WORSE with each release..two years ago it only did this about 50 of the time, and typically just if was scanning real old MOD/S3M stuff. I'm to the point I may have to find a different player. ALSO, smart views don't show anything if you have BITRATE = [any nonzero value] in them. You have to scan new files into the library to fix this (?!) and of course when rescan locks you up most of the time, that's kinda problematic

I KNOW its basically a free player, but I registered it back in '97 so I have the right to complain! And they never sent me a reg code either, even after I sent multiple emails about it!!
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@Psycros Re: Scanning. I don't see any slowdowns when scanning a collection of 60,000. May be worth checking for corrupted MP3s by scanning parts of your collection. I have had corrupted MP3s cause Winamp problems.

Also, try turning your anti-virus off while scanning as you may have a slow AV program there.
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