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u know thats funny

in my "about me" AIM i wrote who fulcking cares. i did it knowing i was doing.
it seems there is a whole community of spell checkers that go around trying to make the Internet a more literate place.
who fulcking cares
this is i.m. i got from some person i dont even know as i was reading the last post i thought it was fitting.
this is the whole thing start to finish.

HomerLady9: you spelled fucking wrong
MASTERvROACH: yeah i know i didnot want to put the whoole word why do people care? your not the first im about to put and if you have a problem with the spelling then fck u :-)
MASTERvROACH: oop sorry about the spelling
HomerLady9: fuck!
HomerLady9: you mean FUCK! ok! FUCK!
HomerLady9: yep fuck
MASTERvROACH: its nice to see my old english teacher checking in w/me
HomerLady9: thats gay!
HomerLady9: and i dont give a flying fuck what you think i am
MASTERvROACH: and telling me i missed spelled a word is not?
even when i did it knowing?
HomerLady9: ok? yeah!jkdfhkjdhas
HomerLady9: hfgjadk
MASTERvROACH: heh he he he people like you are funny why do you have to point out miss spelling?
you trying to make the intrnet more aware of their reading?
HomerLady9: yep
MASTERvROACH: maybe people dont give a shit?
HomerLady9: yep maybe!
MASTERvROACH: this has been good im acctualy lol
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Lock this thread already.

IBIG - Relax.
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you know if this thread would have been locked before when i asked none of this shit would have happened.
then the shit happend.
still no lock.
sound like some mods are not doing their jobs?
so ill keep posting in this as long as its here just for the hell of it.
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Let me know next time you guys want to jack up a thread so I can call a locksmith.

Warning: The next time I lock a thread due to juvenile antics, long term bans will also be dealt out.

For all those who looked to this thread for true assistance, my apologies. There are several more pertaining to this subject. A quick search of the forums will yield what you may be looking for.
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Closed Thread
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