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Please Stop adding the pop up for upgrades...

I find that pop up window that becomes your active desktop window is really annoying. I wouldn't bother to come and write you guys about this, because it's not that big of a deal.

But I wanted to kinda let you guys know what I'm thinking. See, I would never really use another program besides Winamp. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure that when that Window started popping up, I was either only .x behind the newest update, or even had Winamp 5.5x and was .0x off the update.

While I'm aware from my playing of online games that having a community running the same software is important, I stress the reminder that none of our Winamp are *required* to run in unison with other users Winamp, and so pushing updates has little function when it comes to being able to play the same songs and movies we were using in Winamp 3.0 years ago, with songs more so always having had a very solid basic program to work with. If I want to only play a few songs, why would I need to latest, greatest, with every single update available?

Just because you guys decided to do a small update now my music program has pop ups or requires a reinstall. Yes, I consider your upgrade window a pop up. Why? Whatever I am doing, when it pops up, it has to be closed to return to what you were doing. Why not add a Menu option that shows when updates are available, allowing you to chose when to update, and then allows you to update without a full re-install? A .0x update is important enough to interrupt me when the program works fine without it? What exactly did you update, cause in the process of clicking the pop up, and downloading, I was never presented with any changelogs? How about letting us know what you did without us having to search it out, and then letting us decide what about those updates we need? If that is to much, it is NOT to much to ask to show people what is being updated before they update, that is simply common courtesy in this new computer age.

So, to sum up a long and whiny post, can the update pop-up be considered for popping up onto Winamp which is out of date by a full integer i.e x.00 rather than .x or worse and totally nit-picky .0x pop up for updates? It's the most annoying feature of a great program.

Edit: It just occurred to me that having an "updater" program (which would be optional updates not mandatory) a la MMORPG games would solve this annoyance by saving me having to reinstall every time you guys update anything including "useless" graphical and appearance stuff, sine I use classic skin anyways.

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Preferences > General preferences > check for updates at startup (or something like that)

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