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Dear ... err anybody in winamp
I sent this email in the feedback section but I got an email saying it didn't get through to you so I copy/paste my original email here:

---------Original email follows----------

Dear friends from Winamp,

Firstly I'd like to congratulate you for this awesome piece of software that
you share with the world. You're the best!

Now, about the 'bug':
Well it's not a "programming" bug by definition but it is annoying: when you play two mp3s that are supposed to be consecutive (non-stop in between),winamp can't do that. Instead there's a small gap before each song. Most of
my CDs I encoded to mp3s (which is mostly classical and Heavy-metal where the non-stop phenomenon happens quite a lot, between movements for instance)have this problem. It's not an mp3 issue either because this happens when I play the CDs directly in winamp too. I'm not sure whether this cut-off was intentional during the programing (because, well, I guess in normal one-track songs you would want each track to be separate) but if there is a way of merging some tracks to sound continuous, that would really be a great advantage for winamp and I'd be grateful if you considered this issue in one of your future upgrades.
(If there is a simpler solution I have overlooked please point me to the right direction)

Thank you for your interest.
Keep up the good work.
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Try experimenting with the crossfade output plugin - this might help you although I'm not sure.
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get a gapless plug-in, there are plenty in the olug-in sction
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Erm... hmm... not exactly a bug. It's just that the faster your computer is, the smaller the gap will probably be.

I find that the gap is almost totally unnoticeable on my PIII-733 which has 256Mb of RAM.
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