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Desktop mode + Windows 7 taskbar

This happens when I switch Milkdrop to desktop mode, then move taskbar to the side:

(IMG tag doesn't work, so open attachment)

Is there a way to make Milkdrop include the taskbar?
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I don't know what to say about this but my only response is to just leave the taskbar alone when playing MilkDrop on desktop mode. If you wanna keep your taskbar that way, then try this (just so you know I don't have Windows 7, but try it anyways):

1: turn off MlikDrop from desktop mode.
2: move taskbar where you want it.
3: bring MilkDrop back to desktop mode.

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No, it's not that I like moving my taskbar around. I made this screenshot just to show milkdrop behavior.

Milkdrop window in desktop mode excludes taskbar. And I want it to be 100% fullscreen, and be visible through the transparent taskbar. Screenshot shows that it's technically possible, if milkdrop window would span the whole screen, including the taskbar.

Vista didn't have a transparent taskbar, so excluding taskbar from visualisation makes sense. But for Windows 7 this should be changed, am I right?

So I just wanted to ask, if someone knows a workaround or something...
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Hmm, I just noticed that too.
Would be nice to be able to have milkdrop fill the whole screen now that the taskbar in windows is transparent.
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Its working fine for me @ windows 7 RC 7100 :S
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Sorry to drag up an old thread but I'd like a fullscreen Milkdrop too, just running constantly, it's awesome . Reading the release notes there was a fix in 2.0c to detect the desktop area and avoid it covering the taskbar in some rare cases.

I'm betting that bug is no longer applicable when running under DWM in Vista and Windows 7. A partial fullscreen is certainly no longer the most aesthetic behaviour for the newer versions of Windows. Is there any chance of having this entered as a bug and fixed up?

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1. Set taskbar to auto-hide
2. Start milkdrop plugin
3. Disable taskbar auto-hide

This gets you where you're trying to go, but it would be nice to get rid of the process altogether. At least we know it's an easy fix, right?
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Me too!

This is driving me crazy too! Milkdrop bleeds thorugh all my transparent stuff EXCEPT the taskbar. It made sense before Windows 7. It doesn't now.

Can this fix be applied to Milkdrop 1 as well? I have my reasons, but they are beyond the scope of this post.
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