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Winamp stuck outside screen

Hi there
When i use the bento skin my winamp is kinda stuck halfway out the screen... I've attached a screenshot of how it looks.

Here is what i've tryed without luck:
- Reinstall winamp
- Rightclick on winamp in the bottom-bar and select move, but can't move it.
- Change to another skin and back to Bento
- Change Resolution in windows

Please help me!

EDIT: I'm using clean install of winamp, no extra plugins.
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Running on Vista X64 Ultimate

And here is my plugin list...
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DJ Egg
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Close Winamp

Delete the following file:

C:\Users\Simon Hyldig\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\studio.xnf

Note, to quickly open ^that^ folder, you can go to:
Start -> Run
Type: %appdata%\winamp

More info/help from the FAQ:

Windows (main, ml, pl, etc) disappearing off screen:

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Thank you so much!!

Fixed it
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I've been using winamp for almost as long as winamp has been called "winamp", and I can't believe, that in all this time, no one has added a "center in screen" option to the menu.

It doesn't happen often... I know... but at the very least there should be a "bring to center" in the right-click menu. Something, anything, beside having to delete search for this post and delete/edit a file.

I know this thread is old, but it is the first result when searching for "winamp stuck off screen" for me, so I figure this is as good of a place as any.
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Yeah, I gotta agree. I run mulitple monitors and it doesn't take much to end up with the drag bar off the screen - then you are hosed unless you find this thread. I mean, would have never erased a file with an extension like that. There certainly needs to an easier way to 'recover' the window.

N Hustak
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On a Windows OS, whenever I encountered this (which was rare) I right-clicked Winamp on the taskbar, clicked 'Move' and adjusted the window position using the arrow keys on my keyboard.

Granted this is little help if the main window opens totally off-screen (because you don't know which direction to 'move'/nudge it), so I support your "Bring to centre" option.
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Winamp stuck outside screen fix

Hey everyone, first post.

I've had this problem a bunch of times, I use multiple screens, and it's a real headache. I just had to delete the "studio" file to fix mine, but I found another way immediately after that worked while using the Bento skin.

If you have any part of the window showing, right click > options > appearance > switch to bento with large/small buttons, and it will move the window to the center of your primary display. At least that way, you're not helpless. Hope that helps
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Thanks a lot edwardo, I didn't even have a studio.xnf in there, but changing the skin is simple and works.
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