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Your favourite music player

Simple question: what do you use to play your music?
Winamp? Kodi? Youtube? Spotify? VLC? Foobar? RealPlayer? WMP(C)? iTunes? Your grandfather's old turntable?

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for vinyl

for MP3 most of the times Zara Radio ( playout system for radio stations) or Winamp
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RadioDJ suits my needs for my music playing these days...
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I love winamp and VLC player. They both I love and I prefer to everyone who loves to listen high quality music
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Winamp and Youtube.
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foobar on windows or wine, aimp on android
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Winamp & YT Music on my PC, Samsung Music & YT Music on my phone, and CDs, Cassettes and Records in a hifi
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Winamp on pc/notebooks using the inter-pol.info amp skin v141
I like having a library feature and since Winamp still does great for local library files...

android .. Pi Music Player, Player FM, AccuRadio can be interesting and for those Synth needs.. Nightride FM
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I don't often listen to radio or streams. Sometimes I try, but I always revert to my collections.

So, on Windows, for audio: still WinAmp, one and only! I also use MPC-HC (for video), and VLC (for DVDs).

On Android: Musicolet, after trying a bunch of others. (Play Music came pretty high on my list, if you'll believe that!) As said elsewhere, got an Android only in 2014. I didn't find "DroidAmp" then, logically; it had already been removed.
I wonder what my phone life would have looked like, if it had been WinAmp For Android instead of Musicolet.

This other topic made me think of the following question...

What audio players do you use -- on PC and/or on mobile device -- for listening to audio books?

(I searched for a similar topic, but none seemed to exist yet? Sorry if it does, please merge it then.)

On PC: I have none. (I don't use PC for audio books -- but curious about your choices.)

On Android: I tend to look for privacy and permission friendly apps, myself. On newer phone, I love Voice. (It has speed adjustment!) Simple Audio Book Player works for my older phone (can show book cover, but doesn't usually; free version can't adjust speed). IIRC, Auboo works, too; but is rather basic and doesn't show book cover. But that was long ago. Try it out if you're on the look-out!
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