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Lame 3.94 beta is out

LAME 3.94 beta December 15 2003

Takehiro Tominaga:
fixed block switching of nspsytune
best huffman divide in the inner loop. This should improve the quality, but PAINFULLY slow. So it is not enabled by default. Use -q0 to use it.
Changed -q option mapping. "-q2" until version 3.93 is now "-q3".
saving bits by better scalefactor storing
removed Vorbis support
substep quantization.This should help breaking the SFB21 bloating problem
made psychoacoustic model aware of ATH adjustements
use ATH value as short block masking lower limit
several fixes in psychoacoustic model
more robust decoding
Mark Taylor / Gabriel Bouvigne: fixed issues in VBR header
Mark Taylor: workaround against some hardware decoder defficiencies
Aleksander Korzynski: ability to compute the "Radio" ReplayGain and detect clipping on the fly. The ReplayGain value is stored into the Lame tag.
Gabriel Bouvigne:
work on presets
use presets by default for cbr/abr
use presets by default for vbr
analog silence detection in partitionned sfb21
do not compute noise in upper 0 part of the spectrum
only compute noise in modified scalefactor bands
Guillaume Lessard:
nogap related changes
Alexander Leidinger:
prevent closing the input fd prematurely if the input is a named pipe

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Kewl... but I hope it's more stable than it's predecessor, LAME 3.93
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