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Windows Folder Properties dialog integration

You know what would be real neat, don't you? If the media library could integrate with the Folder Properties dialog to add a checkbox for 'Monitor with Winamp Media Library'.

Even WMP doesn't have anything like this. Now that would be neat.

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read the winapm 5 wishlist before posting please ....

Media Library

Ability to disable ML "Now Playing" lookup

Album cover viewing
*gag* (tips/plugins)

--alt-preset support for MP3 writing
Hell, use the CDex Encoder Options layout for enc_mp3.

Option to use Mozilla for Now Playing

Mass ID3 stripping

Ratings accelerator keys or rating from main/playlist windows, etc

Customizable 'Play Count' options
eg. after 30 secs, after track finishes, etc

Play tracks directly from library without affecting playlist (Winamp3 style)

Ability to rearrange/remove main categories in left pane

Sort views/playlists alphabetically etc
eg. right click sort options (in addition to current drag method)

Folding/cascading sub-menus in left pane
note, main categories (local media, playlists, devices) are already collapsible

Arrows to show sorting method
In the right pane when selecting a column.

File/encoder type tab in Media Library
Show something like "mp3, wav, ogg, avi."
Maybe more specific like "divx, xvid, mpeg2, etc"

Sub queries, have a query under a query

Move/copy/rename files using the media library
Already do-able (workaround)

Some way to Identify and maybe filter duplicate files

iPod support
Nullsoft iPod plugin (please try plugin and post report in thread)

Turn off (or customize) reading sub-directory as album

"Add To Library" file/folder context menu items

Export/Import Library from iTunes
Winamp 5 Media Library Import/Export Plug-in

Mass Tagging
Generate file name from tag & rename,
just rename, generate tags from file name.

Import Multiple Playlists
Library > Playlists > Import Playlist From File.
Allow multiple playlist files to be selected
(can currently only select one)

Window shade implementation

Internet TV Filter
Option to lock/filter out adult content
(filter implemented, lock/password protection still to come)
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Nice copy-paste?
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why should i afford work for beautiful posts if it's too much work to afford to look at the wishlist before posting ?
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so lazy =p
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