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Broadcasting over local network

I have been searching and reading post for about a week now and still am having some troubles. I want to have five computers on the same network in my house all playing to same song at the same time.

1. Do i need to broadcast over the internet to do this?

2. I have the server computer set up with shoutcast DNAS and the DSP plug in. Do the other computers need the DSP plug in to see the server?

3. Where do I put the link in to connect the other computers to the server? I have tried in Winamp: File play url and it does not connect.

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lol - you're on the right track. But, be aware that while you can easily play your station on all LAN computers, they won't be synchronized... you'll find they're all a few seconds apart on the stream.

Answers to your questions:
1) No
2) No
3) Machines that listen need Winamp, iTunes, RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.

For Winamp/Itunes, in Windows, choose Start... Run...
Enter http://[IP]:[PORT]/listen.pls

For Windows Media Player (version 9 or higher) and RealPlayer open the player. Chose File... Open URL. Enter http://[IP]:[PORT] (Drop the /listen.pls)

For [IP] you would enter the private IP address of your SHOUTcast LAN server (Like 192.168.x.x, or whatever address you gave that machine). Port is whatever port you set in the SHOUTcast config (Default is 8000)

Hope this helps!
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If you want to spruce up your home radio station a bit, you can use the AI DJ features of our software, AIVMS. It's an artificial intelligence that announces your songs, along with time, news, and weather reports just like a normal radio station would. You can even include local and route specifc traffic reports.

Another nice feature is that you can call into the station and connect with a free Skype VOIP internet phone client from your networked PC's, or an internet connected computer or pocket pc located anywhere in the world for free, and make "on-air" announcements.
Its actually the request line feature of AIVMS, but it works equally well as an intercom for home network stations.
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If you stream more then two Winamp clients then there is an annoying delay. I have used this set up for about a year now where I have one playing on my basement floor and on my ground level where I can hear that one from upstairs. Its pretty cool to turn your station on and automatically both clients starting play same music in sync. It will go out of sync like a half a second after spinning for a few hours, but its really not that noticeable. Besides, having broadcast on your LAN you can of course broadcast over the net and have access to your music from any Internet enabled device. Can't wait for wireless internet then I would have no need for an Ipod or any music storage medium and my rather large music collection is always at my fingertips.

Cheers, Paul
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