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SHOUTcast Ports


I am trying to broadcast to a shoutcast server but i am unable to connect i think its due to a firewall that is installed on my LAN i also cannot listen to the steam through winamp the firewall i am using is a microsoft forefront tmg firewall what ports are needed (UDP/TCP) to broadcast and listen to the server ?


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Hello Haz2k,
you can check the ports in Shoutcast DNAS' configuration file you are using (usually "sc_serv_basic.conf").
If you didn't change anything, standard TCP ports are 8000 and 8001.

If you are running sc_serv on a machine within your LAN, you need to configure NAT (Network Address Translation) on your router in order to redirect TCP ports 8000 and 8001 (or whatever you are using) to its internal (LAN) IP address.
Modern routers auto create firewall rules for NAT, but if it doesn't work, you may need to manually insert them.

Hope that helps...

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general rule is only open portbase e.g. 8000 via TCP.

portbase+1 e.g. 8001 is only needed if you are expecting to allow for remote sources to connect to the DNAS server. so if you're running it all on the same machine / LAN then you don't need to open portbase+1
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My PC is not connected to my router it is connected to a proxy gateway that is then connected to my router

i do have a firewall rule that allows inbound and outbound traffic on ports 8000 & 8001 to the internet so it should connect but it still doesent seem to be allow me to connect

i am using WHMSonic that also includes a "DJ Port" i have also allowed inbound and outbound connections in this port but it still doesent allow me to connect

any ideas ?
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