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Popping, but only in MP3 files


I get a subtle popping in many of my MP3 files. At first I thought it was bad mp3 encoding so I encoded the same song at different bit rates (using several recent versions of LAME). The popping stayed in exactly the same places in all cases. However, when I play the original wave file it is totally clean and when I play the mp3s on Windows Media Player they are also clean. I think this leads to the inevitable conclusion that Winamp's mp3 decoder probably has a defect. I'm using the same playback device for both Winamp and WMP and I've made sure my computer is not tied up with any other processes while testing this. I've tried it with Winamp 5.05 & 5.08 with the same results. My system consists of a 2.8GHz P4, 1GB RAM, Intel D865-PERL motherboard, and 2ea 250GB disks with a lot of free space. I'm running WinXP with SP2. Is it possible to install a different mp3 decoder into Winamp? Any recommendations/links?

Ray Mitchell
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Perhaps this thread might give you the solution:

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I solved it by completely uninstalling Winamp, then reinstalling. (Note that I did this at midnight on the 13th by candle light, in case that might make a difference as it does with so many other things in Windows).
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