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Opt-out list for ATF or re-add pre-5.2 per-plugin titling!

Now that in_vorbis and in_mp3 are incapable of giving any sort of meaningful title without ATF being on, I really wish there was a way to exclude certain plugins from ATF formatting.

I found that different formats had different fields that were important (i.e. game music formats like PSF etc. had game title first, while with traditional music I had artist first)), and some plugins I found HAD to supply their own title because their titles had info specific to the type of music they played (i.e. Maxim's VGM plugin supports multiple console types, and has a %s title tag to return the console from which the given music came).

Due to these requirements, I didn't use ATF, but now, with the mp3 and ogg plugins -requiring- the use of ATF, I was forced to copy in_vorbis and in_mp3 from an old 5.13 installation, and is probably going to keep me from updating in general from now on.

If I could simply set it up so that I could tell ATF to NOT title the titles for certain plugins, that'd be great... or just reinclude internal titling support in in_mp3 and in_vorbis.
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Yeah, there are other threads too:


SNESAmp seems to have problems too, if ATF is enabled:

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