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Network congestion affects all streams from DSP

I use the SHOUTcast DSP for Winamp to stream to 2 DNAS servers: one running on the same Win7 box, and one running on a remote FreeBSD machine.

Sometimes there's some major network congestion between the DSP and the remote server, so I get the usual skipping, stuttering, and pauses that are normally associated with that.

The unexpected part is that when this is happening, the same thing happens on the stream going to the localhost, where there is certainly no congestion or system load that could be interfering. (I did check to make sure there was nothing else going on.)

If I make the DSP disconnect/stop transmitting to the remote server, the problem goes away; the local stream has no problems. If I reconnect to the remote server, the local stream gets skippy again.

I would expect that the two streams would be independent of each other; if one is struggling, it shouldn't affect the others, should it? But that does seem to be what's happening.

Tested with current DNAS builds / DSP 2.3.2 and then 2.3.3 / Winamp 5.63 / Win7 64-bit.
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other encoder setups in the source dsp can affect the others as some areas are shared like scheduling of network resources. not much to do due to how the plug-in is built to work (its only meant as a quick way to get streaming - not a full on broadcasting solution with bells and whistles so such limitations have to be expected).
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It does sound like a possible CPU utlization thing, but you said you checked for that. So maybe if there's no other solution, nail up a second DNAS on the Windows machine and stream locally to it - then relay that to your FreeBSD instance. At least that way, the DSP is always only pushing streams to the same box.
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