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Winamp For Android: Only Plays Intro File of Streams?


We are a radio station that has been running ShoutCast MP3 streams on 2 channels successfully since 2006. We are really happy with it and haven't had any issues until recently. A few listeners with Android phones using Winamp for Android have noticed when they play our web streams, they only hear the streaming intro file. Then instead of playing the stream, Winamp stops playback and goes silent. We have confirmed this ourselves by downloading Winamp on our engineer's Android phone, so its a legit problem.

As far as we know, this problem appears only in the Winamp player for Android, no other Android player (A/O Radio, StreamFurious, Stitcher, NPR Mobile) have this problem. Our streams play fine. They also play fine in all popular streaming platforms for PC, including Winamp. The streaming intro file is the same bitrate & format as the web stream audio.

Any ideas what may be causing this, and why only on the Winamp for Android? Thanks for any help you can offer.
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the main reason for the issue (though i cannot properly say with not knowing how the WfA code is done) is due to the DNAS just dumping the intro file directly into the stream i.e. is not properly decoded / tags removed / synchronised into the stream data.

for the players you've mentioned probably do other handling (proper Winamp does) to ensure it's correctly processed so it'll cope with the sudden change in stream data which is being handled which allows the stream to keep playing. obviously WfA should be able to handle this as well so hopefully it'll be resolved in a later release (will try to get the issue noted though as i don't have any Android device i'm not going to actively follow it up - only replied due to seeing the title from the forum index).

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DrO, thank you for your help. I will pass this along to interested parties. Have a great week!
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