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hide public pages

It might have been asked before, but this time it's about shoutcast2. What I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to hide all public pages? We're running shoutcast setup for both public and private streams, but we don't want private streams to be displayed on the index.html. Or if possible it would be even better to have index.html completely removed or renamed to avoid people to see those private streams.

The hidestats only hides the stats?sid=# xml output, but we prefer to hide all information about specific sid's.
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there will be changes made which will allow for the hiding of the public pages or allow for redirecting them to an alternative page or not to a page at all and will most likely replace the hidestats option with the means to do per-stream handling on certain pages.

i had started working on implementing this a while back but has been put on hold until i come back to working on the DNAS again. so it's in the works but has no eta at the moment.

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