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Problem with Windows service

Latest version of the DNAS on Windows 2012 server:

Shoutcast server works fine when run from command line. However, when I install it as a service I cannot get to it externally from http://server:8000 like I can when I start Shoutcast from the command line. The service appears to install and uninstall fine without any errors. The same sc_serv.conf file is used in both cases.

Using this as the install command from the local Shoutcast folder where both sc_serv.exe and sc_serv.conf reside:

C:\Shoutcast>sc_serv.exe install sc_serv.conf

No errors

I must be doing something wrong but cannot figure it out.
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First make sure that the service is running... load the windows services app... make sure the service is started... then also make sure that it is set to run automatically at system boot ...

once you know that the service is running, use: netstat -an | find "LISTENING" in a command window to ensure that the server was able to bind to your listen port (8000). You would see an entry like

if not the server had some other error -- most likely because sc_serv did not find the config file, so just make sure that you include the full path to it when you configure the service:

C:\Shoutcast>sc_serv.exe install "C:\Shoutcast\sc_serv.conf"
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Thanks, that was it. The service installed but did not start. Got it set for automatic (delayed) and we are good to go.
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