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How many streaming accounts can i handle

hi. I'm interested to know how many streams can this server handle
at 128 kbps
with auto dj active and centova cast as program

Every stream account have only 2 listeners

Traffic: Unlimited --> 30.000 gb per month
1 Gbit/s bandwidth

Intel Core i7-3930


RAM 8x RAM 8192 MB DDR3
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You can calculate it yourself.

1000mbit/s -> 1 Listener = 128Kb/s

It's only a bandwidth question
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So its not that CPU or server resource intensive, just bandwidth.
You can output a dozen channels from different encoders, and as long as the server has bandwidth, it will do fine.

( with good hardware of course)

opinions appreciated.
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You'll reach 30GB/mo faster than your CPU will even start to breathe hard. the bandwidth cap is another story.

ex: 1 128kbps stream is one Mbyte/min. there are 1440 minutes in a day (24hours * 60minutes) , so 1440 (mins) * 30 (days) = 43,200 (megabytes) or 43Gb

edit: if 30.000 means 30 thousand GB (30TB) then you can support around 1000 simultaneous 128kbps streams all month.
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I like to think of it in listener-hours. 30,000 GB at 128 kbps gives you about 520,000 listener-hours per month. That could translate into:

1 person listening for 520,000 hours (ridiculous of course) = 520,000 listener-hours
520,000 listeners (way beyond the server capacity) listening for 1 hour each = 520,000 listener-hours
1000 listeners listening for 520 hours each = 520,000 listener-hours
520 listeners listening for 1000 hours each = 520,000 listener-hours

Your 1 Gbps connection can practically handle about 6000 simultaneous listeners with an 80% load factor. If you loaded your server to the max 24/7 then you would run out of bandwidth in about 90 hours..
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