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Wireless Sync Should offer connect/disconnect option

This is a android specific request. I have been using Winamp on my computer and Android for a while and I generally like the direction the dev team is moving in.

The features being offered and the app in general is awesome except for one lil thing.
If you are on your home network, with Winamp running on your computer - your phone will connect to the computer even if you are not using the wirless sync feature. This keeps the phone awake for hours slowly draining the battery. When I say slowly, its because it does take a couple of hours but you will definitely notice the charge drop.
I have tried disconnecting from the computer but it somehow connects again shortly after.
There are also instances where the phone is unable to connect or just seems to take forever to connect to the computer. For that, I end up ending the service on the phone and restarting Winamp both on the computer and the phone. Not sure what causes these errors.

Its easy for the service to be listening in for an incoming connection on the computer. But it is a battery drain for it to be running on the phone.

It would be easier to provide for a manual connect disconnect button preferably on the phone. Instead of this automated option which connects to the computer whenever it finds the connection. This should also solve other connectivity issues and the battery issue I have mentioned.
It would allow a user to stay on the home wifi without the Winamp service connecting automatically. It would also allow the user to turn the connection off and on again to try and solve simple connectivity issues.

If there is something I am not understanding right about this or if there is a solution already that I have just not seen.. lemme know.
Otherwise I really feel this is an issue with a simple solution that can be provided in the next update
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Still hating the sync options available.

I keep my wifi sync turned off on the phone so that it doesn't remain connected to my computer at home and drain the battery. When I do turn it on, it takes a few Winamp restarts on the phone and the computer till it finally finds the damn phone.

There should be an easier way to do this.
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