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Connecting a radio station to internet?


I was wondering if there is a radio station which has it own address or whatever it's called and people can listen to it in the cars. Would it be possible to connect such radio to internet so it can be listened via normal radiios/cars etc and internet with the use of shoutcast? Or are there special plugins for such?
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The only requirement for being able to listen to an internet radio station is a compatible player and internet access. If you can manage to get seamless and uninterrupted internet access into a moving vehicle then you've probably got 65% of the battle won. The 35% part of the battle would be a computer with a compatible player installed that runs on 12v DC (or 24v if you're on a big-rig / diesel truck.)

However, I have a sneaking suspicion you want to (re-)stream an internet, terrestrial, or satellite radio station. If that's the case, there's legal ramifications involved.
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Its pretty easy. Notebook/netbook/smartphone with mobile internet (not very stable and simetimes slow) and you can plug it into your sound system everwhere.
Here in germany some stations have a phone stream - if you got a flatrate for local phone numbers, you can call the number and hear it everywhere or plug it into your sound system (but the quality is really bad).

Restreaming local AM/FM stations is not a good idea - but most of them have an online stream too, its not really expensive.
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