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Login and/or password for selected listeners to connect to the stream


I am posting this thread in the "general discussions" directory, as I am not sure where such thread belongs.

We have several SHOUTcast (public) streams, and we would like to add some streams that would be accessible only to some selected users. For our streams we currently utilize our own Linux/CentOS server and Centova Cast.

I am writing hoping to get ideas or guidance, perhaps from somebody having the above setup already in place?

I understand that having a list of "allowed" IPs would not work, because of the dynamic IPs rotation, thus probably is not the best solution? Additionally as we have already in place a firewall to serve the public streams (firewall which is allowing connections to all the IPs except the blocked ones) thus putting in place a new rule "blocking all the IPs except the listed ones" wouldn't be feasible.

Probably, but not sure, would be better a personalized login solution (user name and password) or just a common access password to be used by all the authorized users?

I will be very glad to get your help in order to move forward with the above project.

Thank you for reading and participating to this discussion.

Best regards
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