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Shoutcast Toolbox

SHOUTcast Tool Box
Version 4
Last Update: 11-26-02

Latest DSP: SHOUTcast DSP 1.82b
Latest DNAS: SHOUTcast DNAS 1.9.2 (All Platforms)
Latest Winamp: Winamp 2.81

DJ Tools
Tools Sites
- Oddsock Tools
- Radio Tool Box

General Tools
- Oddcast DSP
A SHOUTcast DSP replacement that supports both SHOUTcast and Icecast.

- Oddsock's Song Requester
A song requester type program for DJs

- WWWinamp
A web-based song requester type program from Nullsoft.

- MuSE
For mixing and encoding.

- Castit
Castit is designed to help you gather stats from your SHOUTcast/Icecast2 servers, and generate real time website integration. Archiving of real time stats will be available for advertising purposes and to help monitor your stations growth.

Current Song Display Tools
- PHP based XML Parser
XML parser in PHP - to mimic the old functionality of MusicTicker

- JavaScript Title parser

- Dstjohn's Shoutcast Status
SHOUTcast Status is a xml parsing script that opens a socket connection to a Shoutcast streaming server. Current stats enabled are: Current song, last 5 songs, current listeners & the ability to add all xml stats available in SHOUTcast.

- Radio Tool Box

- PHP Nuke block

- Music Ticker
Old. Popular. Dead. 404 or Doom.

- ShoutcASP
shoutcASP is a set of ASP scripts (Active Server Pages, Microsoft's dynamic web content system) for IIS Server, a plugin for Winamp, a VBS script, database and a couple of COM Objects. In combination they allow you to automate and administrate your Winamp based SHOUTcast station remotely via a web server running on your broadcasting box. Cost $50

- Pakkasherra
Shoutcast not required. Sends system information to your website via FTP from which you can include to your html documents with SSI.

- Now playing
Writes to text file. Form there this can be uploaded to a FTP and parsed on the server end.

- Winamp Sig
Writes to text file. Form there this can be uploaded to a FTP and parsed on the server end

SpyAmp is a simple web server plug in for Winamp that allows people to connect to your computer using a browser and see what you're playing. If you set permissions accordingly, you may also allow downloading of music files.

Server and DNAS Tools
- AnalogX's Simple Server: Shout
Shoutcast DNAS replacement with a simple interface

- Streaming Audio Manager (SAM)
Helps manage SHOUTcast streams.

- Dstjohn's ASX Meta Generator
This script creates your windows media asx meta file for use on a windows media server. Just enter some data, generate the tags, copy and paste to a text file and save as mymedia.asx

On-Demand Tools
- MP3 Tool Box

*NIX Tools
SHOUTcast Server for *NIX and Friends

Tool Sites
- More Shoutcast tools from Freshmeat.net
- More Shoutcast tools from Sourceforge.net

DSP Like Tools
- Oddcast for XMMS
A port of the Oddcast DSP to XMMS. Works for both Icecast2 and Shoutcast.

- Listen/Status 1.0
A PHP thingy for Shoutcast bandwidth limiter and director for multiple Shoutcast servers on one host.

- ShoutcastDB
ShoutcastDB is a pair of Perl programs that parse a Shoutcast server's log and history files and transact the data into a PostgreSQL database.

- Dark-Ice
DarkIce is an Icecast, Icecast2, and Shoutcast live audio streamer. It takes audio input from a sound card, encodes it into MP3/Ogg Vorbis, and sends the stream to one or more servers (Icecast/Shoutcast if it's MP3, and Icecast2 if it's OGG Vorbis)

- DJ In A Box
DJ In A Box is a set of tools for creating an MP3 radio station. It uses LAME to re-encode mp3 files on the fly to an Icecast or SHOUTcast server, and can do as many concurrent streams as your processor can handle.

- GetCue
GetCue grabs the information out of the Shoutcast cue file and makes a nifty little Web page out of it. There is also a space where you can put in a nifty logo of your choosing, perfect for a small popup window.

- Java Shout
Javashout is an MP3 shouter written in Java (as the name implies). It is similar in functionality to Shout, Iceplay, Winamp, Liveice, and so on.

- mp3stream
MP3stream is a multi-threaded C library for streaming MP3 data to a SHOUTcast or Icecast server. It is intended to be an alternative to libshout. The distribution also contains a Python module.

- LiveICE
A ICEcast/SHOUTcast plug for XMMS.
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