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Problems with xen x-fi3 5.63 pro

A couple of issues, I didnt see this listed elsewhere. Apologies if it is.

If I connect the device, windows says connected, winamp doesnt seem to see it, until I disconnect it, then it shows it as a usb device, but of course the device isnt there any more. I then reconnect it and either winamp crashes, or lets me work with it. Done this with 2 different machines running windows 7

I sent a playlist to the device, left it copying the files over, which it did. However the device then decided the playlist was empty.. So I tried again and it recopied the files even though they were already there and unchanged. Still didnt work.

If I add files direct through the usb connection drive, there doesnt seem to be a way to get winamp to re-explore the files, as I also noticed the files it transfered were also not listed as available album/tracks on the device.
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since this is such an old post I'm not sure if you still require some help, but I can provide the answer of it least 1 of your issues. also I must apologize for mistakes in this reply because I am writing it with my phone and that doesn't work very well

I can provide the answer 4 the empty playlist issue first off I have to say that I don't use winamp but windows media player however I did have the same problem as you

what I did to solve it was to what location the files came from. I was absolutely sure that the files came from my mp3 player. but it seemed the player was loading files from the local drive. I then deleted files from that old playlist and then made sure that the new files came from my mp3. I checked the locations again and this time I was write and it worked.
hope this helps
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