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Winamp 3 sucks the life from my computer


Winamp 3 seems to be a nice, full-featured player. All the bells and whistles. For this reason it sucks all my resources and doesn't play smoothly or allow me to do all the other more important things with my computer while the music simply plays in the background. So I chalk up Winamp 3 up as a never-use player. Already uninstalled it. What i really want in a player is NUMBER 1: uses as little resources as possible. NUMBER 2: Plays music files with excellent sound. NUMBER 3: Interfaces well with my operating system (Win98).

WINAMP 3 will not play smoothly while I am connected to Gnutella and rounding up some great tunes. I spend lots of time looking for more great music and I listen to what I am getting while I search for more. Therefore I need resources free for other tasks while the music plays seamlessly. Strip the program down to bare essentials and it will be a great improvement. Then again, winamp 2 is already there!
Yes, I read the FAQ for this forum. I am glad everone else is posting here to confirm what I have found for myself. Keep up the complaints and maybe Nullsoft will get hear the message loud and clear!
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you do know there is an official bitch thread, buddy. please read ALL the stickies in the forum, they are there for a reason.

winamp3 is technically still a beta, although nullsoft released it early because aol time warner (their parent company) ordered them to release it on the deadline, finished or not.

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I'd say it, but I'm not a mod. I don't have the "Whacked" button in my command, so I'm losing a touch there...

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I forgot his name though...
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whack whack whack me good...oh baby give it to me harder...harder..harder.

yes thats the spot..whack me right there...oh yes harder*insert mod name here*oh..oh oh oh!!!!

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Where's the whack button when you need it?!

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