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Winamp Hotkeys Ingame?

Hello there

First, I'd like to say just how much I really do love WinAmp. It's the only media source I use on my comp. And I'm always playing with the skins and everything to expand my experiance.

Now to my ongoing problem.

I am an avid player of FFXI, an MMORPG. A game. Fullscreen and all. Now.. my problem started when I bought this fancy shmancy keyboard. A Logitech G15, specifically. On my old keyboard.. I had no trouble whatsoever using the media keys on the keyboard in game. I could control Winamp as usual with them. But with this new keyboard.. the media keys won't work at all. They will work fine when I don't have the game on.
Now, I have tried turning on the Global Hotkeys in the Preferences menu. The Enabled box is checked. But next to the media keys I need have a red 'X' next to them. And when I close that menu, I get an error and a pop up warning: "Hotkey registration failed! Couldn't register the following hotkeys:"
and then it lists the keys that had the red X next to them.

As I said, I am such a big fan of Winamp. I really do love it. And i'd love to be able to use it while in a game. Is there a plug in or something I can do to fix this?

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this.
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Games overriding Winamp's global hotkeys is a known issue. Different MM keyboards have different way of applying the MM key. There may be something about the way the Logitech G15 applies the MM keys, that caused this issue to surface.

The "Hotkey registration failed! Couldn't register the following hotkeys:" error message usually indicates something else has registered the keys. Which, at a guess, would probably be the MM keys driver/utility for the new keyboard.

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