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..some skin questions pertaining to a jukebox

Hello everyone!

Short Introduction
I have used Winamp since about 2002 or 2001.. I don't quite remmeber, but I know I was in high school then. Anyways, I love it and wouldn't use any other program in the world!

Current Project
I am currently in the process of building a jukebox.. like a retro big wooden box that is basically the same as a 1946 Wurlitzer model 1015 "The Bubbler." Since I have all the designs drawn out to start cutting some wood and put it together, I figure I would work on the program that will run the jukebox itself.

It is modeled after the Chicago Gaming company "Digital Bubbler" with of course some tweaks and designs that I wanted to implement myself. So, the guts involve a computer, a monitor, an arcade-style gamepad OR touchscreen (haven't decided yet) and of course Winamp to run it! I am building this thing for myself and never plan on selling it or anything like that; if I did, I would contact Winamp and see what I would need to do, but there are not any plans of selling it. Anyways...

I use the Big Bento skin on Winamp. I made a copy of the skin folder, and have been editing it. I am mainly removing buttons and options so whenever the jukebox is turned on (just like turning on a computer) it will boot up, autorun the OS (Windows XP), then autorun Winamp and have the skin (in maximized 1024 x 768 resolution) pop up on the screen (virtually NO user input) I have all of that figured out.

I would like to use the Big Bento skin, but, some questions I have are:
How can I make just a "fixed" view where you cannot move the album art section around, move the playlist around, etc.? Also, how can I possibly make it to where it will view album art, then have the album artist, album name, and track numbers located to the right of the image? I have attached some images to help explain what I am trying to do:

You can see I edited some of the buttons and changed the no album art image to a blue winamp lightning bolt.
This first image is how it looks right now:

This second image is some details to what I did:

This 3rd image is what I would like for it to look like:

As it pertains to the 3rd image, I want all the windows to stay the same size (user cannot edit window views or window sizes) I also plan on doing away with some more buttons, and assigning a new function to some of the others.

Can anyone help? I only have some basic knowledge of xml, when I look inside the files, some of the stuff I have no idea what I am looking at or what may need to be changed.

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OK, so I did some browsing around the forums, and I don't think this post is in the right spot.
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No one has any feedback or anything?
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