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Exclamation equalizer sliders > oldschool.

ok, i dont know about you guys, but in my winamp 2.77, if you click on a eq slider OTHER than the preamp one; click and HOLD that is, and then drag the cursor sideways, onto another eq slider, you automaticayl switch to that slider.. basically, if you click on a slider once, and then without letting go of it, drag the cursor around the eq you will also move the other sliders..

i know i suck at explaining shit, but heres the deal. in winamp3, as iv seen, its the other way around. if you click on any slider, and without letting go drag the cursor around you are STILL modifying the SAME slider, no matter where you shove your pointer. so my proposition is basically that winamp3 should have an option to switch between this new mode and the old school mode, as th old school way allows for faster eq tweaking.

id be happy to have any input on this one.
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actually, now i realise this is also true for the main window buttons. if you click and hold lets say play, and then move the cursor over to stop, the stop button isnt 'activated' [press in animation] which it DID in the previous winamps. the option probably should affect ALL the buttons.
what do you think?
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Sounds to me like one of those, it's a WA2 feature that we will get to. But I suppose if I was one of the developers I would appreciate people reminding me of the little features like this that would be so easy to forget.

"Some dance to remember, Some dance to forget."
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