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Simple Spectrum Assistance

Hello everyone!

I'm fairly new to the forums (and to using Milkdrop), so go easy on me.
I've been using a basic spectrum visualizer through my audio player, Foobar, and it just isn't cutting it for me anymore. I use the visualizer in my online content and enjoy it a lot, but I felt like it needed to be more... colorful?

I came across this post a while back and pretty much found exactly what I was looking for. I've also used this post to figure out editing the visuals mentioned as well. I've gotten everything looking exactly how I would like it EXCEPT the bars on the spectrum react to treble (snare hits, higher pitched notes, etc) and hardly react to bass at all. I've fiddled around in the "per-frame equations" a bunch, but I still can't figure out how to make the visualizer react to bass more. I'm not exactly expecting anybody to do the work for me, but if you could take your finger and point at what I should be typing in or where I should be typing in, that would be extremely helpful. I'll attach the preset and post a gif of what I have currently.

What I'm working with at the moment:

Thanks for any help or direction you can give me. I really appreciate it.
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I do not in fact know how milkdrop - or winamp already - preprocesses the audio data it supplies in the wave section. It is a lot of tinkering to get this vaguely right, and you may certainly not expect precision. For sure a high pass filter applies which already sets in at relatively high frequencies around some 200Hz. Have not tried to measure this, as it may additionally depend on the number of points in the wave section and possibly other settings I cannot fathom.

A practical way around this is in wave 1 per point section, where the data is collected (value1 and value2 for the left and right channel), apply some sort of bass boost to counteract the highpass filter. E.g. amend this line

gmegabuf(t1) = gmegabuf(t1)*dec + (1-dec)*( value1+value2);

by a frequency dependent scaling factor, such as

gmegabuf(t1) = gmegabuf(t1)*dec + (1-dec)*( value1+value2) * 0.5/(sample+0.01);

"sample" goes from 0..1, just play with the factors to get it the way you like.
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A reply from the person in the original post.
That's some dedication.

I'm gonna play around with these values and see what I can come up with.

Thanks a bunch for the quick response!
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