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Amiga Future Composer Plugin for Winamp (plays other Mods too!)

Hi guys!
Since I was looking for quite a while for a way to play some exotic music formats on PC (mostly from Commodore Amiga, like Future Composer format), I am pleased to have finally found a plugin for Winamp that works with the latest version, and pretty good too.

Summary: Oldsk00l MOD player is an input plugin for WinAmp
Platform: Windows 95 or better
License: Freeware

Oldsk00l replaces the .mod player (.mod only, not .xm and .it) that comes with WinAmp with one that's more compatible with old Amiga MODs. It detects SoundTracker, NoiseTracker, StarTrekker etc and handles them correctly.

It also supports all versions of Future Composer and Brian Postma's SoundMon files for those old crack-intro tunes we all know and love, and there's also support for SoundFX 1.3.

Through a small Amiga emulator it also plays modules with the player embedded, currently Jochen Hippel, Maniacs of Noise, Delta Music 2.0, SidMon 1, David Whittaker, Music Assembler, Fred Monitor, Mark II and DeliTracker CUSTOM.

To use it, just copy the in_sk00l.dll file to WinAmp's plugin directory as usual. Note: There's already a mod player there, this hasn't caused me any problems so far, but if WinAmp decides to use that one instead of in_sk00l.dll when playing MODs (this is easy to see, just do fileinfo when playing a MOD), let me know and I'll try and find a workaround.

Also, please let me know of any mods that are recognised wrong, played wrong, hangs WinAmp or other strange things.

Unique features!

Stereo separation factor
Filter/LED emulation
Perfect seeking. All vibrato commands, slides, samples etc are started exactly where they would have been, had you played the mod all the way through
Handles ProTracker/SoundTracker/NoiseTracker correctly
Plays all versions of BP SoundMon files
Plays all versions of Future Composer files
Plays SoundFX 1.3-2.0 files
Plays Jochen Hippel files
Plays Maniacs of Noise files
Plays Delta Music 2.0 files
Plays SidMon 1 files
Plays David Whittaker files
Plays Music Assembler files
Plays Fred Monitor files
Plays Mark II files
Plays DeliTracker CUSTOM files

You can get the Plugin here:

Here's some FC files to test it:

I hope this will be useful to others.
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There are a few recent tracker plugins you may like.

Based on libxmp
(Many more here)

Based on ModPlug
http://wks.arai-kibou. ru/soft.php#modplug

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